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Room 17 Games at the UK Games Expo: Day One!

  DAY 1: Set-up 2018’s UK Games Expo was held at the Birmingham NEC between 1st  – 3rd June. As the UK’s biggest tabletop gaming show (and currently vying with Origins to be the third biggest in the world!), it was only right that we at Room17 Games were in evidence at this prestigious show. […]

An Interview with Room 17 Games’ Mary Safro.

One of the hallmarks of our forthcoming boardgame Miremarsh is its artwork. Dark of tone and content, that artwork perfectly reflects not only the theme of the game, but the nefarious nature of its goblin protagonists. We at Room 17 Games have, amongst others, Mary Safro to thank for not only Miremarsh’s amazing board, but also a swathe of breathtaking […]

An Interview with Mire Marsh Artist Andres Martintez

  Welcome to this, the first in a series of interviews and articles focusing on our forthcoming game, Miremarsh. Those of you who follow us on Facebook will have seen the numerous — not to mention amazing — paintings of Miremarsh’s nefarious protagonists, the bog goblins. From Lurker to Skulker, Hoarder to Tanker, these paintings have […]