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Introducing the Tenfold Dungeon

We’ve been working on this system’s idea ever since we open the company, trying to find a cost effective solution for Dungeons and Dragons and Roleplaying Games in general, that all Game Masters can use. Tenfold Unfolds!   We came up with the Tenfold Dungeon: a series of boxes within boxes, “clipped” together via a […]

The Miremarsh Boardgame Limited Edition Protoype Giveaway

Enter the Miremarsh at your own peril… Starting from your home in the Warrens, you and the other Bog Goblins set out to prove yourselves worthy of becoming the next Goblin King. However, the deadly swamp of Miremarsh stands in your way. Now you must defeat adventurers, slay monsters, slaughter a unicorn, steal a baby […]

Room 17 Games at the UK Games Expo: Day Three!

Day Three: Punters … Thousands of ‘Em! What follows is a recollection of what I believe to have been Saturday of this year’s UK Games Expo. I say ‘I believe’ because, honestly, I can’t distinguish which day was which. I do, however, remember the queue from Saturday! The masses of people waiting to get into […]

Room 17 Games at the UK Games Expo: Day One!

  DAY 1: Set-up 2018’s UK Games Expo was held at the Birmingham NEC between 1st  – 3rd June. As the UK’s biggest tabletop gaming show (and currently vying with Origins to be the third biggest in the world!), it was only right that we at Room17 Games were in evidence at this prestigious show. […]