Returning from Essen

We returned from Germany and all are back at work😊

Essen Spiel was a blast and we’re still buzzing with excitement from it! It was fantastic to meet so many of you guys and to finally put names to faces from the Miremarsh campaign!

Thank you all for your support and help!

Special thanks go to Alex ‘Mellekai’ and Martina, Stephane ‘Naaba, the Voice of Valhöll’, Oliver ‘Kehlenschnitt’. They were real stars!

We knew we would have fun but we didn’t expect the level of kindness and help we received from everyone. Thanks guys!


Sorry for gushing, but it’s hard not to 😊

Here are some images courtesy of Alex and Stephane 😊

It was also great to pick up some resin minis while we were there. We now have some amazing looking Rock Goblins, the Cursed Well, the Toad Chief, PLUS the metal coins and plastic fish!

All in all an amazing few days away from the office being with the real people.

Written by Kev Brett


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