Venture into the Undermire

The Undermire: dank crystal carved caves of agonising death left behind by a civilisation of depraved monsters who destroyed anyone they encountered and then each other. Some survivors describe the place in worse terms, but accounts vary. Legend has it the founders of the Undermire were banished into the depths of the earth by a powerful cabal of sorcerers to ensure their ruinous technology would never again blight the surface world. Unfortunately sorcerers never tend to mix with goblins socially and so failed to take into account the levels of rank stupidity that pass as day to day life in Miremarsh.

The goblins quickly found the Undermire, lured there by massive cave fish grown fat grazing on glowing mats of algae. Many goblins died but after several generations of selection they learned to be wary of the dangers of the Undermire (practically everything) focusing on hauling back the truly enormous Hippo Guppies and Deep Gulpers. Returning fishing teams now absolutely ensure the fish are dead before they arrive home following one particularly unfortunate incident in a nursery warren set them back a generation.

Adventurous goblins have found many things in the Undermire over time including some particularly sharp sticks and strange artefacts and spells beyond their comprehension (including an egg slicer and one particularly tricky soup recipe). If a goblin could find the source of the Undermire’s power and harness it…well…wouldn’t such a courageous goblin have to be crowned king?

The Undermire is a Miremarsh expansion, and includes an Kickstarter Exclusive board which allows you to explore the depths of Miremarsh in all new locations, battling those creatures who dwell in the darkness. Its layout expands the world of Miremarsh, adding to the replayability and overall fun.

New weird and wonderful locations have been added to the Undermire Expansion, with exciting places and new dangers opened up to the exploring Goblins. Plus the Undermire comes with it’s own Unique Quest – The Undying King!

Watch out for those pesky Ghost Goblins floating through the swamp looking to annoy and hinder your progress. 15 exclusive Ghost Goblin Miniatures in translucent plastic.

Pick up your copy of the Undermire expansion as well as a whole wealth of other Mirmearsh goodies for our table top (and even body!), right HERE!


Written by Kev Brett


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