Check out the Rock Goblins!

Something else has entered the swamp. I can smell them. Disgusting. I best get moving, that crown is mine!

What are they?

Rock Goblins have lived on rocks so long they have started to look like them. They are a mean fantasy equivalent of marine iguanas: craggy, salt covered, look like they will kill you very dead just to make sure and because it’s fun.

Rock Goblins live in caves beneath Miremarsh due to their love of rock and metal. If they are not fishing the glowing photo-luminescent pools with their spears and lines they are hacking out iron to fend off the dark creatures that haunt the black depths beneath their homes.

The Rock Goblins guard the way to the Undermire and will show you if they deem you stupid enough to never come back. they know what’s down there and they know it’s for a good reason. The Rock Goblins have a plan to get out of their caves to somewhere where the fishing is better and they have marginally less risk of their entire family being swallowed by a Deep Gulper while they sleep. It’s the little things that drive aspirational social climbing in goblin society.

Long lived, patient and stony faced like the terrain they live on, Rock Goblins are brutally pragmatic and really, really like fish. They are less keen on venomous centipedes but with the right condiments they’ll eat them too.

Available Now

These Rock Goblins can be played alongside or instead of the Bog Goblins. 10 new miniatures come with their own special rules and character cards, and add to the replayability of Miremarsh. They also come with 4 brand new Rock Goblin specific quests, 2 new pets and 10 new Kick Knack cards.

These “terrifying” little fiends are a perfect addition to your Miremarsh core game (or if you wanted to just get these minis for your tabletop), exploring the swamp, avoiding monsters and claiming the kings crown as their own!

Order yours right here.

Written by Kev Brett


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