The Miremarsh Boardgame Limited Edition Protoype Giveaway

Enter the Miremarsh at your own peril…

Starting from your home in the Warrens, you and the other Bog Goblins set out to prove yourselves worthy of becoming the next Goblin King. However, the deadly swamp of Miremarsh stands in your way. Now you must defeat adventurers, slay monsters, slaughter a unicorn, steal a baby or do something equally evil to prove you are worthy of ascending to the throne. This is your chance to win power and glory … or die. Repeatedly.


We have two copies of the Miremarsh: The Boardgame prototype to give away to you fine folk!

This unique box, although not finalised and with some slight amendments still to come, will allow you to play the game before all your friends and is an EXTREMELY limited edition version!

It comes with the base 12 Goblin cards, spell cards, location tiles, Monster tiles, Pet cards, dice and the rulebook. It also comes with the NEVER TO BE REPRODUCED double layered prototype gaming board as well as 12 resin Bog Goblins (worth £35!) and the resin swamp creature.

If you can’t wait for the competition to reveal the winner, or if you’d like to see what OTHER awesome Miremarsh exclusives we have on offer, check out our preorder/late pledge backer kit right here!

Miremarsh: The Boardgame Prototype Giveaway!

Written by Kev Brett


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