Catching up in the swamps of Miremarsh

It’s been a while since we last entered the blog here and for that we apologise!

We haven’t been sitting on our laurels, promise.

Miremarsh Kickstarter

We had an unbelievably successful kickstarter and for that we’re ever grateful to the multitude of backers who entered the swamps and made the campaign what it was!

We managed to get over 300% funded, blasting through the targets that we set, enabling us, not only to get the game to the manufacturer, but to add all sorts of crazy and exciting additions to the game.

Late Pledges

If you somehow managed to miss our little foray into the bogs, fear not! You can still become one of the Miremarsh Bog Goblins and capture the box game and it’s additional extras. Check out the late pledge option on the Backer Kit right here.


Here’s the latest update from the swamps.

News From the Bog V6: Pledge Manager and other news

Good afternoon bog dwellers;

As promised, this update brings you not only the latest advancements in the creative process, but also news from the Pledge Manager which is now live. Anders has finished the “shop” and he has done an incredible job. Not only he has created an array of options for you lot to pick and chose but also, and more importantly, he has been very accurate (as accurate as one can be with this matter) on the shipment cost escalation as items are added to the cart.

As you can guess, when you add new stuff to your pledge –  T-shirts, neoprene items,  more minis, additional copies of the game, etc. – the shipment costs move from A to B as weight and/or volume increases. We wanted to make sure that you pay what the courier charges, and we don’t fall short (loss) nor make money (ludicrous profit that doesn’t belong to us) out of the postage. Well done Anders for a very thorough and hopefully fair work.

So, the Pledge Manager is up and running, the “Smoke Test” has gone alright and it all looks working as expected. We have received several enquiries on how to upgrade from £1 to any other pledge levels. Well the answer lies in this image below. See that arrow there, that’s what you “gotta click” (don’t feel bad, Anders had to point at me three times to actually see it!).


On The miniatures front, Matt Parkes and his team of sculptors are coming up with more and more rock goblins. Beholder Factory is bang on their timings too and we can finally show you the progress they are making. I can’t wait to send them to the manufacturer to start the tooling of that RockGob box set.


We have also included some of the split of the minis to keep you on the loop on the process from STL sculpt to manufacturing. We have seen this before in a previous update, so just more pretty pictures.


The last two hard components of the main game are now finished (the boot marker and the Toad Chief) and with all the art finally done, we can now run the buggers to start the real deal.

The updated rules booklet you ask? Yes, here is the link where you can download it. Please, give us your input and feedback and try to discover the typos!

Download the Rulebook here.

The Board

Now, after many backs and forth, we feel we are not going to be able to achieve the desired quality with the double layered board, so as we stand, we will have to go for the original and more traditional single layer. If any changes happen on this front (VERY UNLIKELY) WE WILL KEEP YOU POSTED.

As we already stated, if it happens, it will be a for-free nice surprise to us all. But, quality of the components is paramount, and we don’t see this D-L board coming out in the desired standards. We are also looking at the cardboard stocks and all details of the quality to ensure we all get what we expect.

Although the technical execution of the board was spotless, the combination and use of materials is not serving the purpose right, therefore,we are not convinced the result will be as desired (we hope the manufacture can proof us wrong!).


The Box

The retail edition Miremarsh and the Undermire box covers have been now completed and you can have these lovely art pieces both as products (mouse matt and actual Undermire expansion in the PM) and in the art book that you can also get in the PM “store”. Don’t miss out. As someone pointed out already, retailers will not stock “empty boxes” of the retail version!


Resin Minis

We received some samples of resin goblins and they are looking fantastic! We were particularly excited to see the trio unlocked during Kickstarter campaign!


Well, i think that’s it so far, I leave you with a sneak peek of the new art by Andres for the Artifacts… enjoy!

See you next on News From the Bog V7 and in Essen in a few days!


What’s Next

We’re moving forward with the late pledge manager for you all to jump in to the swamp and we’ll keep you posted on how things are going.

We’ll also keep you up to date with what we’re working on and what project we’ll be moving on to next.

If you want to find out more on a regular basis check us out on:


And make sure to check out the Late Pledges.

Written by Kev Brett


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