Room 17 Games at the UK Games Expo: Day Three!

Our Social Media Manager Kev Brett Continues His UKGE Show Diary

Day Three: Punters … Thousands of ‘Em!

What follows is a recollection of what I believe to have been Saturday of this year’s UK Games Expo. I say ‘I believe’ because, honestly, I can’t distinguish which day was which.

I do, however, remember the queue from Saturday! The masses of people waiting to get into Hall far exceeded my expectations. This was a real step up from the Friday and, to be brutally honest, I was a tad nervous at the sight of so many people…

Upon arrival at the stand we discovered a delivery of Museum Rush from the guys at Games Quest. This was a huge relief; stock was getting low, which was awesome. A quick mouthful of tea before we unpacked these new yellow gems and then…

…The day ended!

The day had been a blur. Huge amounts of people descended on our stand looking for a game of Miremarsh, Museum Rush and / or Flicky Spaceships. Before I knew it I was getting hungry, which made me think it was approaching lunch o’clock. Nope. It was almost three thirty and yours truly was about to fall over. One quick loo break and a very quick bite to eat later and it was back to the gaming table.

Once again the rest of the day flew by in a whirl of flying spaceships, crafty thieves and stinky goblins (and that was just us lot working the stand!). Then came the announcement telling everyone to clear off, and all I could think was where did that day go?!

It had been an awesome day, but I was looking forward to my bed. Stood up all day meant my feet were seriously starting to dislike me. I think I slept for entire duration of the trip home, but don’t tell anyone … I was driving!

Our next game, Miremarsh, hits Kickstarter on 2nd July, 2018. Guide dastardly goblins as they prowl the swamp, kills creatures, hunt unicorns and try not to die. Again.

Want to know more about this great new game? Then join the Facebook group and check out the preview of the Kickstarter!

Written by Paul Mathews


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