Room 17 Games Blog has landed!

So we’ve launched a blog!!

We’re very excited by this fact. If you follow us on social media then you know we like to post short and punchy items, images, sneak peeks etc, but nothing too content heavy, and thus a blog is born!

We’ll be bringing you more meat on our stories, allowing you to see behind the curtain at Room 17 Games and getting a feeling for what we’re up to in more depth. Who knows, we may have competitions, insights and offers only found here?

We’ll keep you up to date on future kickstarters as well as future projects that we’re working on and get the team here to chip in thoughts, ideas and their 2 pence worth. We MAY even have a Room 17 Games comic strip…we’re working on it!

* these are NOT Room 17 employees!

Stick around and we’ll fill you full of Room 17 Games. You’re eyes will cry sweet Flicky Spaceships by the time we’ve finished!!

Welcome to the Room 17 Games show!

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