Room 17 Games at the UK Games Expo: Day Two!

Day Two: Friday
So, here we go: the first day of the UK Games Expo, 2018.
Having driven back to Nottingham after setting up on Thursday, I had to crawl out of bed even earlier on Friday morning (honestly, it wasn’t pretty; you’ve seen THAT bit in The Ring, right? Well, it was like that, but with swears), but I felt pretty good. And why wouldn’t I? This was the UK-frikkin’-GE, baby! And our stand looked AWESOME! Why wouldn’t I be psyched?
I ordered the team’s sandwiches, picked my colleagues up, and then it was off to Birmingham. It isn’t that far from Nottingham to Brum, and after a little detour to pick up Rhys — the author, designer, illustrator and all round nice guy responsible for Museum Rush — we arrived at the NEC in what felt like no time at all.
My first relief was that the stand was still, well, standing. Not too sure what I was expecting to have happened to it, to be honest. Goblins, maybe? Brummy fairies? Regardless, I slipped into something more comfortable (my Room 17 t-shirt) and I was ready to get that bad boy underway. The doors opened and a stream of people advanced towards like Spartans, only with less muscle, more clothes (mainly geek couture t-shirts), and even more cash…
…And then they fell upon us.
The rest of the day was a bit of a blur, with games of Museum Rush, Flicky Spaceships and, of course, Miremarsh (which launches on Kickstarter on 2nd July, by the way!) taking all my time. But much fun was had — not least by me — and each game was really well received. It’s always good to interact with the gaming community and get their response to our games, both new and old.
The rest of my day could more or less be summed up thus: talking, talking, explaining rules, talking, talking. Deep breath. Talking, water, water, water, talking, talking, explaining rules, explaining rules. Toilet break. Deep breath. Chocolate bar. Water, talking, talking, explaining rules, talking, talking. Deep breath…
…Aaaand relax.
That was my day, and you know what? I enjoyed just about all of it…
…But, in the back of my mind, I knew it was just a warm up for the big one: Saturday. And heaven only knews how many people were going to come through those doors…

Our next game, Miremarsh, hits Kickstarter on 2nd July, 2018. Guide dastardly goblins as they prowl the swamp, kills creatures, hunt unicorns and try not to die. Again.
Want to know more about this great new game? Then join the Facebook group and check out the preview of the Kickstarter!

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