Dodge the Guards,
Steal the Loot!

Museum Rush is a competitive game for 2-4 players where you race against time to steal priceless treasures, while avoiding the cameras, guards and your rivals!

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Choose from 6 different Thieves – each one has a unique special ability.

Each turn you pick up new cards, move and probably try to swipe a priceless exhibit.

Stealing, cracking locks and getting caught on camera will have the guards running in your direction, so hopefully you’ve picked up some handy items to deal with them…


The museum is full of Loot and priceless Rare Treasures, just waiting to fall into your swag-bag.

However, they are mixed in with the Camera and Guard cards – if the next card is one of those, the Guards will close in.

If you get caught, you’ll be thrown out of the museum and your ill-gotten gains confiscated. You’ll just have to break in again and steal some more!


As you explore the museum, you pick up cards from the Search deck. When the final Clock card is drawn, the game is over – get to a Way Out fast!

Item cards help you with your life of crime. Disable cards deal with Cameras, a Take Down stops a Guard, and a Lure sends a Guard (or another Thief) in the wrong direction, maybe into a Booby Trap!


Stash cards allow you to hide a single stolen item somewhere in the museum, to fetch later when the heat is off! This item is safe even if the Guards catch you!

Buyers will pay extra for specific Treasures- steal the right ones and you’ll be paid even more!

The red Exhibit rooms hold Loot, Cameras and Guards. The most valuable treasures are locked with codes that you have to crack by rolling dice.

Many rooms have special functions, including the Security room, the Vault and the Lost & Found.

The remaining rooms are a good place to stash your Loot!